I Can Change Your Mind About…Climate – Documentary

20 April 2012
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A fresh and innovative approach to the climate change debate
. Thursday 26 April 8.30pm ABC1 Produced by: Smith & Nasht Producers: Simon Nasht & Kate Hodges Director: Max Bourke

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Dancing Down Under – Documentary

4 March 2012
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Series commences screening on Friday 16th March on ABC TV 3 at 6.30pm.

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On Trial – Documentary Series

1 June 2011
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This series filmed in the District Court of NSW and Supreme Court of WA, is due to screen on ABC from Thurs 2 June, 8.30pm. Check out the interview with Producers Ian Collie and Michael Cordell.

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Recipe For Murder – Documentary

15 May 2011
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Screening: Thursday 26 May, 8.30pm ABC1 Director: Sonia Bible Producers: Susan Lambert, Frank Haines (co-producer) Sydney, Australia 1953, a city in the grip of a deadly crime wave. In just over a year more than one hundred people were poisoned. The shocking truth is that most of the killers were women.

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Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle

6 August 2010
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For the past six months Dick Smith has been making a documentary about Australia’s rapid population growth. The program is scheduled to screen on Thursday 12 August, ABC1 8.30pm.

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Honeybee Blues

1 November 2009
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Produced by Anna Cater Mitra Films and Susan Mackinnon. Developed and produced in association with SBS. Director: Stefan Moore

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