I Can Change Your Mind About…Climate – Documentary

A fresh and innovative approach to the climate change debate
Thursday 26 April 8.30pm ABC1

Produced by: Smith & Nasht
Producers: Simon Nasht & Kate Hodges
Director: Max Bourke

Take the Climate Challenge www.abc.net.au/tv/changeyourmind

A provocative ABC1 event designed to kick-start a new national conversation about the big issue dividing us.
Separated by a generation, and divided by their beliefs, two passionate, intelligent and successful Australians, former senator Nick Minchin and youth activist Anna Rose, go on a journey of mutual discovery to see if they can change each other’s minds about the most divisive issue in Australia today: climate change.

It’s an adventure that will challenge both their beliefs, while giving the Australian public a much-needed opportunity to think afresh about where they stand on the defining issue of our times: what to do about global warming?

In a unique interactive experience over 2 hours of riveting viewing, a one-hour documentary is followed by a live studio audience. At home, and on-line, the national audience joins in, leading to a cliffhanger decision. Have we shifted the national mood? Have we changed people’s minds?

Followed by a special edition of Q&A.

Credit: Production Development